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Writing from home could mean freelance writing for your local newspaper, or writing a book, or writing resumes for other people. It could mean writing technical documents for the IT company you used to work for, or training material on a subject you are an expert in.

It can also mean writing content on the web. This could be articles, Blog entries, or web site content. There is a huge demand for content, as a website's success depends on its content and links to it, which affect rankings in the search engines.

If you search on the internet for writing from home jobs, you will find a range of sites, where you can register as a writer and might be asked to bid on jobs, or sites where you get paid for the articles you write.

The amount you get paid varies hugely, and in some cases you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to see the listings of work available. I need to try some of these out to see if they are genuine.

Another way to earn money writing, is to write your own Blog and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Or, if you are good at the sales pitch, professional copywriters charge a decent fee for a marketing pitch. For example, if I were to write an eBook, I might hire someone to put together the sales page for me. They would know how to write it to appeal to the right audience, get people hooked and hopefully buy my book.









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