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Hi, my name is Helen. I am a stay at home mum and a work at home mum.

When my kids were born, I chose to give up paid work and stay at home with them. I found the transition from being a well paid manager in the IT and Finance Industry to being an at home mum, more difficult than I expected.

Don't get me wrong; home with the kids is exactly where I want to be, and I have no intention of going back into IT, but there are aspects of being at home that I have found hard.

I wasn't used to not earning any money, and felt I ought to be contributing financially; I found I am not a natural born house keeper and the never ending to do list meant my level of job satisfaction was quite low; the children themselves have been more of a challenge than I expected, especially with lack of sleep and no family support in the Australia.

So, I reassessed my requirements and this website is one of the outcomes.

I want to be home with the kids, but I also want to have some time to myself, I want to work from home, and earn some money, but I want to be in charge of when and how I do that.

I have explored various options, and this website aims to share them with you.




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