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Training and Education

If you are looking to change career now the children are here, you may need additional qualifications. Studying whilst you are home with the children can be as difficult as working, especially if you have to physically attend classes. However, there are options that can make it easier. As lot of courses are available through distance education with all, or the majority of the studying done at home either via the internet or through study material sent to your house.

Other classes have a mix of home based study, plus some classes or practical experience. For example, I completed my Child Care Certificate III, through a distance education course. In order to gain the certificate, I had to complete a certain number of hours of practical experience. I was able to do this through work experience at my local pre-school, and through my own family day care business, so there was minimum disruption for my family.

Other education providers offer child care facilities while you attend lectures, or an option to attend lectures of an evening when your partner can potentially help with the children.

One of the hardest things about studying when you have kids, is finding the time. You already have a full time job and you might well already be struggling to find the time to do the cleaning, or mow the lawn, let alone sit down and concentrate on some study. If you are committed to your education, you might need to hire a cleaner, and get someone else to mow the lawn, in order to make this a priority. An hour of two in the evening, and some time at the weekend could well be sufficient.

I had an agreement with the other half at the weekend that he would take the children for two or three hours while I studying, and I would then give him two or three hours to go to the gym or work on his websites. We sacrificed a bit of family time, but the kids were still happy and I was able to finish the course.

How do you find the right training course?

There are hundreds of training institutes available to you. The trick is to find the right one. The traditional education centres such as universities and TAFE are available for mature students, but there are also a wide range of courses available from private training institutions.

I would suggest you look at the courses provided by your local training institutions, and also search on the web for the specific course or qualification you are after.

One thing to be careful of is whether the course is accredited or not.

Accreditation is the quality assurance process used to formally recognise national qualifications. For example, if I wanted to do a child care course and chose one that was not accredited by the government, then my child care qualification would not be recognised if I went for a job in that area. In NSW, the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) is responsible for accrediting vocational education and training courses.

There are some areas such as Life Coaching where there is currently (as of 2008) no nationally accredited course. There are lots of Life Coaching courses available, so in order to choose the best one for you, you need to look at whether the training provider is accredited, as opposed to the course itself. As well as course accreditation, VETAB is also responsible for regulation of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in NSW.

An accredited course can lead to a Statement of Attainment or a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Only registered training organisations are entitled to issue qualifications for accredited vocational courses.

Details of all RTOs, recognised qualifications and accredited courses can be found on the National Training Information Service (NTIS) website at

Finding out more about adult education options in Australia

Department of Education and Training

Each state has a department of education and training. The amount and relevance of the information on their web sites varies by state, but some useful links are:

NSW Department of Education and Training

Click on Adult and Higher Education or Training and Industry or TAFE NSW, to find relevant information.

Western Australia Department of Education and Training

Under 'Training A-Z' you will find links for Adult and Community Education, TAFE, Training Accreditation etc

Victorian Department of Education and Training

Look under 'Parents and Community', 'Beyond School 16+', to find information on TAFE, Adult Community Education, TAFE, RTOs and other useful links.

Other states websites are more focused on education for children.


Each State also has a TAFE website which lists the courses, qualifications, study options (distance or not) and locations e.g. TAFE NSW or TAFE SA, TAFE QLD, TAFE VIC

Community Colleges

Community colleges are another alternative. They offer a wide range of general interest courses as well as nationally accredited courses. Here you might find a first aid course, or an IT course, or how to set up a small business or run a bed and breakfast. You may not get a recognised qualification, but you could learn some valuable skills that will help you decide which path to take with your career.

NSW Community Colleges

Distance Education

One example of a Distance Education Provide is Cengage Education, formally know as Thomson Education.

Another is the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), part of TAFE NSW


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