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The Best Things to do in Sydney with Children

Sydney is a fantastic city to bring kids up in, or bring kids to!

With so many things to do, I've listed my favourites and those recommended online in each area. If you have a suggestion, or disagree, please let me know at

Top Things To Do With Kids

1. Take them to the park (see below)

Sydney is blessed with some wonderful parks. I've started to list a few of favourites below.

Top Play Parks in Sydney

Click here for the best play parks in Sydney


2. Take them to the beach

Its an old favourite I know but what child doesn't like to get digging with its bucket an spade or go paddling in the water. (Open to suggestions for specific beaches - see below)


3. Take them to a Play Centre

Yes I know it can be expensive and is something of a 'treat' but it can save your day as well as your mind.


4. Take them to a wildlife park

Choices are a little limited.

Top Wildlife Experiences in Sydney

Click here for the best zoos and wildlife parks


5. Sit them outside in the Garden and ask them to draw the house!

Won't work for all but well worth a try if you haven't done this already. Make sure they have a large piece of paper and lots of different coloured pens / pencils.




I'm keen to include the favourite things you do with your kids. Examples might include:

Top Beaches in Sydney to take the kids to

Top Walks with kids in Sydney

Top Bike Rides to do with Kids in Sydney

Top Swimming Pools in Sydney

Top Cafes to take the kids to

Top Museums for kids in Sydney

Top Things to do on the Harbour with the kids

Top Tourist spots in Sydney for the kids

Top Rainy Day things to do with Kids in Sydney

Top Sports Programs for young kids in Sydney

Please let me know what your personal favourites are:



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BYO Kids ...Your Family Travel Gurus  




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