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Business Coaching

If you would like to set up your own business, but you're not sure what's involved, or even if your idea will float, you can get some help.

A Business Coach or Consultant can work through the business idea with you and help you in the initial phases. They can provide expertise in the financial aspects, registering your business, whether you need to register for GST, filing your tax returns. They can also provide experience and advice on marketing your business in the most successful way.

You may also need some legal advice. Do you need a license, do you need to be registered with the Government? What's involved in employing someone?

Some business coach will focus more on the motivation and support side of coaching, helping keep you motivated and focussed on your business ideas. Others will have the legal and financial expertise. Before you choose a Business Coach, make sure you understand their qualifications and experience and ensure they are relevant to you.

Useful Resources

As well as individual coaches, there are networks available to provide support and coaching to small business owners. The examples I have found focus on women in business.

The Women's Network Australia (

The Women's Network Australia is a membership-based organisation that 'empowers and encourages women to reach their full potential in business.' It has been established for over 18 years as a business women's network, and aims to educate, guide and support women in their pursuit of business success.

They offer a range of membership activities, plus educational services including workshops, seminars and consulting services.

The aims of this organisation are to:

  • "Provide a strong network of business and personal contacts and to encourage trade and information sharing between Members.
  • Provide access to professional and personal development information in a unique and supportive business environment.
  • Inspire and encourage women to develop professional strategies and skills for success in business.
  • Provide a pooling facility for like-minded individuals to share information, ideas and knowledge and bring about positive change.
  • Provide a forum for the recognition of women's achievements and encourage others to emulate these role models.
  • Lift the level of awareness, acceptance and visibility of women and the talents and resources they have to offer the economy. "

The Australian Businesswomen's Network (

The Australian Buinesswomen's network "provides business education for women across Australia and facilitates opportunities for them to network, learn and be inspired by role models and by each other."

Amongst other things, they offer a Mentoring Service to help you grow your business. A mentor is described as someone who has done this before and whom you can learn from, as opposed to a coach who learns with you. The Mentor program helps you create a business plan, improve your business skills and get guidance and support from a mentor. The ABN's "MentorNet program" supports women business-owners to grow their business through business education, networking and mentoring.

The Small Business Counselling Service (

The Small Business Counselling Service offers inexpensives mentoring and advice from experienced volunteers.
















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