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Staying at Home with the Kids

Deciding whether to stay home with the children is a complex question. It raises issues from both a practical and a personal perspective:

  • can you afford to live on one income instead of two, with the additional expense of a baby?
  • are you prepared to accept the lifestyle change a reduced income will bring?
  • how do you feel about having no personal income, depending on your partner?
  • will you be satisfied being a full time mum?
  • if you choose to go back to work, is there a part time option?
  • do you have a good child care option?
  • can you juggle the practicalities of working life and motherhood?
  • how much effort is your partner prepared to put in to help adjust to the change?

Click on the following links for more on:

- budgeting

- finding part time work

- child care options

Sometimes just hearing what other mums are going through, can take a weight off your mind; the impact of kids on their relationship, the trials and tantrums of a pre-schooler, the highs and lows, joys and disasters of being a mum. Read more in our At Home Mums Blog, and share your experiences.


Work out whether you can afford to stay at home and if so, for how long. What does having a baby mean for your income and outgoings. Click here to find some practical advice on budgets and saving...(more)


Part Time Work Options

Many of assume we won't be able to find part time work. This isn't necessarily so. If you know where to look and you're brave enough to ask, there are alternatives out there...(more)


Child Care Options

Long day care, Nannies, Family Day Care, Pre-school, Occasional Care. Find out more about the care options for your children and what suits them (and you ) best...(more)



Tired all the time? Not much of a sex life compared with the pre baby days? No time to talk? Can't remember the last time you went to a movie or had a nice romantic dinner for two without worrying about the baby? Dinner party conversation has switched to bowel movements and what little Johnny did that was so cute? Perhaps your relationship is suffering? Read one mum's experiences and tell us about your own (more)



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