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Options for Working from Home

While there are thousands of ads out there for Work at Home, in reality, there are a limited number of real options. I have responded to a number of these ads, partly in the hope of finding that dream work at home job, and partly to see what the ads are really about.

In my view, if an advert does not tell you anything about what you will be doing to earn money, it probably isn't something you would want to be doing.

Also, if you are paying to find out how someone else got rich, ask the question, do they make more money from telling me how they got rich, than from the actual underlying business idea?

Having said this, there are definitely some genuine options for working from home, and some of the advertised schemes can make money, just maybe not the millions the advertisers claim to have made.

Here are some of the real, tangible ways you can make money from home. Click on the links to find out more.

  1. Party Plans e.g. Tupperware, Nutrimetrics

  2. Family Day Care

  3. Mummy Nannies

  4. Tuition/ Education

  5. Training Courses

  6. Life Coaching

  7. Internet based businesses: Affiliate marketing, Blogging, eBay

  8. Accounting/ Book Keeping

  9. Telemarketing/Customer sales

  10. Medical, Legal and General Transcription

  11. Research

  12. Mystery Shopper

  13. Technical Support

  14. Virtual Assistant

  15. Voiceovers

  16. Translation

  17. Web design

  18. Pet Minder/Dog Walker

  19. Photographer

  20. Writing

  21. Editing














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