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Family Day Care

Family Day Care Mums provide care in their own homes for up to 5 children, including their own, up to the age of 12, but generally under school age. Family Day Care schemes are run through local councils or independent organisations such as a church, but with all schemes there is a central office that provides support, training, resources and regulation of the business.

To become a Family Day Carer, you will need a current first aid certificate and a working with children police check which the scheme will arrange on your behalf. You do not need any formal qualifications in child care, although a child care certificate or diploma would be useful, and may allow you to charge more for your care than an unqualified carer. (Rates you can charge vary from scheme to scheme) Ideally you would have experience with children (not hard if you're a mum!) and you must enjoy looking after young children. Your scheme will provide training which will cover things like safety, hygeine, policies and procedures, and how to program your week to cover each child's needs. Family Day Care Schemes often run a playgroup you can attend with the children, which is a good place to meet other Family Day Care mums.

As with all child care, Family Day Care is regulated through the government to ensure quality care is provided. Your home will be checked to ensure it meets basic safety standards, and you will need to have current public liability insurance to cover your business.

How much money can you earn in Family Day Care?

The hours you work and the number of children you care for are, to a large extent, up to you. Carers in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney area charge between $60 and $80 a day per child.

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