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at home with the kids, a work at home mum or a stay at home mum? Then At Home Mums is for you

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Ideas, Advice and Opportunities for Stay at Home Mums and Work from Home Mums

Are you at home with the kids, a work at home mum or a stay at home mum? Then "At Home Mums" is for you.

Deciding to stay home with the children can be a big step. For some mums it’s always been the plan to stop working when they have children, others postpone the final decision until maternity leave is over, 6 to 12 months into babyhood. For others, the stay at home decision isn’t made until they have their second or third child, when the balance of child care costs for multiple children verses earnings just doesn’t stack up, or the time just seems right.

Whatever the reason, there are thousands of women out there who have experienced major life change, not just through the birth of their baby but the change in lifestyle that accompanies motherhood and the change from being a working woman to being a mother.

At Home Mums addresses some of the concerns and issues facing women with young children, from working from home, or finding that part time job, to what to do with the kids on a rainy day. It looks at our health and happiness and the balance between looking after our kids and looking after ourselves. It provides some practical help to get our busy lives organised and looks at child care options for those who want or need to get back into the workforce.

Working From Home
Want to work from home? What options are there? Is it really the right thing for you? How can you avoid the scams? Find out more...
Staying Home with the kids
Being at home with the children sometimes seems like a nightmare, even though this is what you have chosen to do and you wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some tips for maintaining your sanity and some places you can look for support or help...(more)
Child Care
Need Child Care, want to know more about the options, worried about what's best for you and your child? Find out more...
Government Benefits
Do you know what you're entitled to? Looking for information on the Family Tax Benefit, Baby Bonus or Parenting Payment? Find out more...

At Home Mums Feedback

Love your website! I have one daughter who's at school. We moved to Australia from Scotland 3.5 years ago. I left a PT insurance job I worked during school hours and I'm still looking for school hours only money making ideas so I was very interested to see your website bringing together lots realistic ideas.

I wanted to make a suggestion - this one's for the mums in my situation, child at school all day - domestic cleaning.

Not very glamourous but very easy to set up, all it really requires is an ad in the paper. Sick kid or school hols - no problem, I just explain to the customer that I can't make it or offer an alternative time. I have no family here and I don't want to send my daughter to out of school care so being able to be off is ideal for me.

I started out doing Avon (no outlay) and used that money to start my cleaning business (optional products and optional insurance $50pm and advertising $30 for 3 weeks). I built up the cleaning to about ten hours per week at $20ph and saved the money. The money saved I used to pay for a correspondence course - children's services which cost me $750. I'm about to do work placement at a pre-school and the lady there is talking about getting me in as a casual, she says sometimes she just needs someone to cover lunches so I'm hoping this might lead to something but I was very interested to read your bit about Mummy Nannies because I haven't ruled out having more kids and that might be an option for me. Cleaning isn't an ideal long term option but as a means to an end it's been really good for me.

Keep up the good work!



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