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Work at Home in Research

Businesses employ researchers to search for, understand and summarise information to help make a business decision, or back up a business decision. Often this work can be done from home, as it involves Internet searches, backed up by searches of commercial databases such as Factiva and Lexis- Nexis.

Data is accumulated, analysed, summarised and documented.

Organisations may not require full time researchers, so they outsource this task either directly or through an agency.

Research jobs require qualifications and/or experience in analysis and research. An economics or finance background would be useful, as a lot of research involves market and financial analysis, as well as preparing company profiles, market reviews and economic papers.

I need to do further research in this area myself, as I have not yet found and Australian organisation requiring home based researchers.

One US example is which aims to 'bring together the talent of people from around the world to provide business services (research, analysis, writing, data entry, interviews etc) to companies.'

Please let me know if you have any examples:








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