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Telemarketing/ Customer Sales

Some organisations are outsourcing their telemarketing function. With the right training and support, this can be done by a distributed network of individuals working from home, and reduces the need for costly premises and equipment.

What you need for customer sales from home:

  • a phone
  • a quiet place away from the children
  • at least 2 hours per day to make phone calls.

How much money can you make from customer sales?

This depends on how you are paid. It might be per hour, per phone call, or per lead generated so it can vary dramatically.

As with any sales, you need to believe in the product you are selling. You also need to be a particular kind of person to be able to make cold calls.

Think about it from the other side. How many times have you said no to a sales person on the other end of the phone, or even put the phone down on them because they were too persistent and wouldn't take the polite 'I'm not interested thank you' as a hint to leave you alone!

Telemarketing can be a very thankless business so you need to be tough! If you find it easy to talk to people, and enjoy using the phone and striking up a conversation, and you're not easily offended, maybe this is for you.











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