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Training Courses

Design, build and present your own training course. Or beome a trainer for someone else's course.

Think what training courses you've been on in your career:

technical courses, programming courses, project management courses, management training, business knowledge courses, finance courses, time management courses, leadership training, public speaking courses, presentation skills training, budgeting and project planning, interviewing skills...

And that's just my list.

There are hundreds of different skills, both hard and soft skills that people need in business. As part of personal development, motivation and reward, organisations provide training for individuals and often look to outside oraganisations to provide that training.

Individuals also, might be looking for training, to build or improve skills in a particular area. Skills to help them find the next job. Skills to help them build a home business. Skills to help them build a website. Or just as a hobby.

Can you become a trainer? Or do you have a subject you could write your own training course in?

Have you done something you could teach others to do? Have you set up your own business, set up a B&B, published your own book online, built your own furniture, created a film?

Is there anything here you can turn into a training course?

Courses can be half a day or five full days. They can be in an office or at the trainer's premises.

Courses can be online, or delivered in person.

How does this fit with the children?

Development and sale of your course can be during school hours. If you intend delivering your own course, you may need some flexibility with child care arrangements, but it would be within your control.










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