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Work from home in Transcription

Transcription is the term used to describe the process whereby dictated notes, letters, reports etc. are typed up into a formal document.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is the typing (into a typewriter or computer) of reports from dictation recorded by a doctor or health professional pertaining to medical information. History and physicals, admission notes, office visit notes, operations, hospital discharge reports and consultations are just a few of the types of reports that are created by the medical transcriptionist. Dictation is performed in a number of ways, including audiocassette, phone-in recording to an analog system, or recording into a digital system that enables one to send a sound file just as one would send any other type of computer file.

Medical Transcriptionists work in hospitals, doctors offices and other medical facilities, and many work from home. They are hired by the physician or a transcription company, but many who work from home do so as independent contractors, setting their own rates of pay, hours and operating procedures, and hiring on additional help as their work load expands.

Is Medical Transcription for Me?

Medical transcription is not easy. It takes time to become a medical transcriptionist, as you need to understand the terminology and the majority of employers look for a relevant qualifcation or experience. It also takes a dedication to continue to learn new medical terminology as it emerges.

Also important are your grammar skills. A poorly written report reflects badly on the physician who signs it, and the transcriptionist who typed it will not be employed for long.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription is similar to Medical transcription in that it requires training and/or experience in the profession. You will be transcribing documents with specific legal terminology which you will need to understand.

General Transcription

A general transcriptionist does not require any specific training. You will need to be a good typist, with about 65 words or more per minute, and you will also have to be able to edit your work for spelling and gramatical errors.

A general transcriptionist working from home is likely to be transcribing things like teleconferences, podcasts or interviews.

How do I get a transciption job?

You can either set up your own business, or work for someone else. Setting up on your own will require a big commitment to marketing yourself, but could potentially earn you more, and provide greater flexibility long term.

If you look online, you will find organisations that list transribers, and act as middle man between the employer and employee. You may also find ads in the general employment websites such as


















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