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Use your qualifications and/or experience to tutor or train others in your own home, or in their home.

Do you have a degree or further education? Is it a subject people want to learn about or need to learn about for school exams?

Do you have a passion for art or dance, music, yoga, ? Would you enjoy teaching this to others?

Do you have a teaching qualification but don't want to teach in a school?

Do you have experience in computers or a particular application or package such as Microsoft, an accounting system, a web development tool. Could you train someone else in this package?

Are you an experienced project manager or team leader? Can you pass on these skills?

Do you have a TEFL/TESL (Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language) qualification?

Think about it. There are a large number of people who have moved to Australia. Often English is not their first language and this may be hindering them in their day to day lives, or in getting the job they want.

Personally I have interviewed a number of highly qualified individuals for roles in IT consultancy, and although they are well qualified for the job, their language and communication skills have let them down. The jobs involved interfacing with clients, and they needed to be able to communicate effectively, and build realtionships with these clients. Is there a market there for TEFL combined with business communication skills?

The range of tutoring, teaching or training opportunities is wide. You might need further training or education yourself before you embark on this to get your skills up to date, or gain a formal qualification.

Practicalities of tutoring:

Home tutoring can either be run as your own business, or you can join a tutoring agency who manage the clients and allocate work to the tutors.

Or you could set up your own tutoring agency and be responsible for managing a tutoring business: finding clients, finding and interviewing tutors, matching tutors to students and allocating work etc.

How much can you earn in tutoring?

Does it fit with the children?

Traditional tutoring for children falling behind in a particular subject at school or wanting some extra help for exams would be done after school. So you are looking at after 3:30 when your children are obviously going to be home.

Other types of tuition from home might involve evening or weekend work.

So no, it's not the perfect 9:30 to 2:30 work from home job, but it does have a lot of flexibility and the option for you to choose the hours you work.

If your potential market is other stay at home mums or retirees, then you may be able to stick to school hours. e.g. teach the older generations how to use the internet, or how to write emails, teach a fitness class for mums or the elderly, arrange a cooking for your children class or teach swimming to the under school age in your pool.

You just need a bit of imagination to get the idea started. Talk to a business consultant or a life coach if you have the idea but need some help moving forward.









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