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Work from Home as a Web Designer

Almost all businesses would benefit from a web site. I was looking for a local restaurant in the yellow pages the other day. It's fairly new, and it wasn't listed, and a quick look on the web didn't find it either. If they'd had a web page, I could have found a phone number, checked opening hours, perhaps looked at a menu, and seen whether there was a take away option. As it was, without that information, it meant either a trip there to check it out, or resorting to an old favourite and the new restaurant missed out.

A lot of individuals also have their own web sites, or maybe a blog (web log), but not many of them have the skills to build them from scratch.

If you have skills in web design, or you are technical and creative and can learn those skills, then this could be work you could do from home.

As with a lot of these working at home options, you can do it for someone else, who already has the infrastructure set up to support the business and just needs workers to actual do the web development. Or you could set up your own business.

Hours of work

Unless you have a fairly standard product you can demonstrate over the internet or by phone, then you will probably need some face to face meetings with your clients. Initially to determine exactly what it is they are after and to agree your deliveries, and at the end to hand over the finished article and to go through training with them on how to use and maintain it. If it is a large project, progress meetings will also be required to ensure you are on track.

However, other than these meetings, the work itself can be scheduled to fit around your family life and commitments, allowing you to work while the kids are at cschool or in the evenings.

Income from web design

If you, and your customer are clear about exactly what you are going to deliver, then you can agree a fixed rate for the project. This should be backed up with a clear contract that states that any additions or ammendments to the original requirements will need to be paid for.

This is advantageous for the customer as they know exactly what they will be paying, as opposed to paying by the hour. And for you, you do not need to keep a detailed record of hours spent, which will make life easier if you are grabbing the odd hour inbetween family duties to make some progress.

Also, you may be able to re-use code from previous projects and save some time, and therefore make more money per project as you get established.

Marketing yourself as a web designer

One of the hardest things with any business is getting established. Obvious ways of marketing yourself are adverts in the local paper or local free publications, on your own web site, in the yellow pages or through word of mouth.

Perhaps offer to help set up the web site for your playgroup or pre-school, or school. Make sure your name or business name is listed on the site, and get agreement that you can you it as an example of your work to show other clients.

If this is something you think you could do , but you need more training, there are plenty of courses, including distance education and evening classes that could help you build the skills you need. Have a look at our Training and Education page for more details.
















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