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BYO Kids is a travel website, with lots of places to go and things to do with kids all across Australia. Find parks, restaurants, tours, holidays and much more. Click Here To Enter Merchant Website And View Products.

Top Wildlife Parks in Sydney


  1. Sydney's Wild World in Darling Harbour

  2. Small, undercover and pricey. This latest addition to Sydney's Wildlife Parks is perfect for kids but tough on the finances.

  3. Koala Park Sanctuary

  4. Great for feeding kangaroos and petting Koalas

  5. Ferndale Wildlife Park

    More zoo than wildlife park. Great place for picnic and has a good play area.

  6. Taronga Zoo

Sydney's premier animal house Taronga does have a good Children's zoo and play area. Expensive. You pay for the view.

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BYO Kids ...Your Family Travel Gurus  



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